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Jerry Wallace

Jerry Wallace

Blessed with a pleasant crooner style, Jerry Wallace had early success in the pop field long before his first Country hits, but people liked him so much that when he went Country he found that he was welcome. Early pop hits included "How The Time Flies" in 1958 and the hugely successful "Primrose Lane" a year later. In 1964 Jerry Wallace had two more solid pop chart records, "Shutters And Boards," and "In The Misty Moonlight." That year he moved over from the Challenge label to Mercury Records where they started to target Jerry Wallace more toward country. His next big hit came on Decca in 1972 with "To Get To You," which enjoyed success on both the pop and Country charts. Jerry Wallace later had a #1 Country hit that got quite a bit of crossover action called "If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry." Jerry Wallace charted regularly through most of the '70s.
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