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Elton Britt

Elton Britt

James Elton Baker, known to us as Elton Britt, came from an era when yodeling counted for something in a Country singer, and he was considered one of the best. Much of Elton Britt's performing success occurred in and around Los Angeles in the '30s, but he struck it big as a recording artist in 1942 with what is considered by some to be Country's first real gold record hit, "There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere," on RCA. Data on record sales in those days was not always reliable but, that record reportedly sold more than four million copies. After the war Elton Britt had a Top Five hit on "Candy Kisses." In 1950 Elton Britt had a Top Ten hit with Rosalie Allen called "Quicksilver" and then stayed off the charts for nearly two decades, reappearing in 1968 with a classy little piece called "Jimmy Rodgers Blues," which made it to #26 on the Billboard Country chart - not bad for a yodeling song that went on for seven minutes.
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