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About Us

Movie And Music Greats (formerly Pure Country Music and Country Music Greats) is the most diverse catalog dedicated to the classic music, TV show, and movie customer. This catalog features the traditional sounds and videos that evoke memories of the Good ol' Days. Offering a broad range of music, movies and TV shows of the 60s, 70s, and 80s and beyond, that evoke memories of the simpler days.

Movie And Music Greats catalog and honor the pioneers of music who created heartfelt music in a time when artists were free to express their sorrows and triumphs in songs of love, happiness, heartache and pain.

Since our founding, we have continued adding new and fantastic products for our customers, and now we also sell many different categories of CDs, DVDs, collectibles and other merchandise. Alongside our website, we also offer a printed, full-color Movie And Music Greats Catalog (formerly Country Music Greats) featuring a selection of our newest and best products. In addition to our catalog and website, we also publish a magazine titled Pure Country Magazine. In October 2003, we also introduced the Country Music Greats Radio Show with host Grand Ole Opry Legend Jim Ed Brown!

Catalog Music Corporation is the parent company of Movie And Music Greats. Catalog Music Corporation is a privately-owned company located in the heart of "Music City", Nashville, TN. We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly deliver customers’ orders with unparalleled precision and care. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of customer service professionals as well as a separate order fulfillment warehouse.

Address all correspondence to:

Catalog Music Corporation
P.O. Box 159297
Nashville, TN 37215-9297